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Ocha Press is an independent publisher with a Japanese focus based in Sydney, Australia.  Our first publication The Kanji Code teaches phonetic components and other visual patterns, all designed to improve Japanese reading skills.

The Kanji Code: Japanese phonetic components

The Kanji Code Read our innovative new guide to learning  kanji, which teaches 150 Japanese phonetic components and 45 original visual-based groups to help you learn kanji ON readings systematically, and bypass rote learning.



river_keisei moji

Kanji phonetic components list      Bookmark our list of 150 phonetic components and the sounds they represent, with a name to help you remember them.




Kanji radicals by subject list    The radicals  (部首 bushu) are the components of kanji that give a hint to their meaning. We’ve listed the main ones in subject order, to help you learn them.





The magic of the keisei moji (形成文字)     At least 80% of the joyo Daily List kanji (常用漢字) fall under this category, where the radical gives a hint to the meaning, and the phonetic gives a hint to the sound.



3 elements of kanji: form, meaning, sound
The 3 Elements of Kanji: Form, Sound, Meaning 漢字の 形・音・義
The 3 Elements of Kanji: Form, Sound & Meaning (形・音・義) It can be useful to think of kanji in terms of its 3 main elements: form (visual), sound (phonetic) and meaning (semantic). Here are some suggestions for ways to incorporate all three elements into your kanji study.






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