The Way of Ocha

800px-Food_in_Miyajima_-_DSC02180In Japanese, ocha (pronounced like gotcha but without the ‘g’) means tea and is written as お茶 . Green tea is also referred to as ryokucha 緑茶 (literally green tea), but as this is a bit of a mouthful people often just use ocha. This word reflects our philosophy and close ties to Japan.

Green tea is very popular in Japan. When I worked at two high schools in Oita Prefecture, they both had green tea available in the staffroom. The school I worked at in Yabakei served tea that had been grown locally and was abundant in freshness and flavour.

Green tea’s use in Japan stems back to Buddhist monks who drank cups of green tea to help to clear the mind and increase concentration while meditating. Like meditation, translation is a process that involves waiting for the moment of inspiration when the sentence in the original language crystallizes in the new language, providing the right translation not only of words, but of cultural meaning and concepts.

Communication is key to all language services, and here at Ocha Press we drink green tea to pause, have a chat and reflect, or simply to get into a Japanese state of mind.


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